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Changing head light direction!
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Member Since: 14 Jun 2011
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United Kingdom 2006 Discovery 3 TDV6 HSE Auto Zambezi SilverDiscovery 3

2006 D3 HSE with adaptive lights. Easy to change direction with lights in situ. Admittedly had to take them out first time to visualise exactly what I was looking for, but once you have worked it out and moved the lever up and down a few times you get the feel for the travel. Pushing the lever down for Europe is easy and you get a subtle feel for the end stop.....about 15-20mm or so travel. Pushing back up to UK meets with a little more resistance and as it feels a bit flimsy there is a reluctance to push too hard.
Note:- the grey caps turn only about again 20mm until the 'sticky out bit' aligns with the very subtle arrow on the light casing. The drivers one is easy as the lock-unlock indicator is at the top, whilst I have made my own marks on the top of the N/S cap to aid easy location in future.
I have average sized hands and did not feel it was tight at all.
Feel very confident it can be done just before getting on the crossing to France. (as previously mentioned, don’t lift your bonnet if your on the train.....I did and got a right telling off Embarassed )
Hope that helps Smile
Post #81591510th Jul 2011 10:45 pm
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Hi guys..

Last year, (read banking holiday), we went to UK from Sweden.
We had checked this thread, and found that it was "dead easy" to change
the lights from RHD to NHD (Neutral Hand Driving).
I guess that I have rather normal handsize.. 9½..

It is not really a "changeover" of lightpatterns, but merely a "flattening" of the pattern.
If You look at the normal pattern. You have a significant "step"
on the projected light towards the curbside. (Shines further away)
When You do the "NHD" manouver, the lightpattern becomes totally flat, so
You don´t blind the people on the offending side..

Best regards

As a rule, I always resist temptations,
unless they are irresistible!! 
Post #8795406th Jan 2012 12:32 am
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D3 Decade 

Member Since: 28 Aug 2006
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United Kingdom 2005 Discovery 3 TDV6 S Auto Tonga GreenDiscovery 3

I know this is an old thread, but of the many threads on this topic, I think it is the most comprehensive and has some decent pictures at the beginning. In readiness for some night driving in France I decided to adjust my headlights. My tips are:
- Take the lights out the first time to get a good look at the slim lever that you need to move about 20mm - and yes, there is one on both sides, but the drivers side is almost obscured by the bulb holder.
- Start looking at the nearside first, it is more accessible and once you know what you are looking for the other side is easier.
- In this thread, you will see references to moving the lever UP for UK and down for LHD countries. The up and down refers to direction you move the lever when light cluster is fitted in the vehicle. It is easy when inspecting the headlamp unit on the workbench to think you need to slide the lever down or pull the lever up, whereas what you are trying to do is rotate the lever up or down!
- You can bend the lever slightly to make it more accessible when trying to do the adjustment with the headlamp unit is fitted to the car.

I can now quickly adjust my lights to UK or non-UK roads without removing the units, just the covers on rear of lamps.
 2005, TDV6 S, Auto, 180k miles, owned from new, V8 Brake Upgrade, Nancom Evo, RLD protector, BAS EGR blanking & Remap, separate ATF cooler, changing all the fluids ahead of time.  
Post #158074620th Dec 2015 10:01 pm
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Czech Republic 
go to time 7:40 for view of how/what

Thumbs Up
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Post #158080821st Dec 2015 5:38 am
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Member Since: 04 May 2017
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United Kingdom 
Re: Changing head light direction!

BN wrote:
Nickhearne wrote:
Well I have read the hand book & if I'm right this is the way to change the head light direction when going abroad!

Remove the grill & lights!

Back of the light remove gray cover, inside you will see a leaver (A) to move a slide at the bottom (B)

Have not tried it with the lights still in the car, but it would make a lot more sense!

Nick, they can be done in situ and yes it is a stupid little lever. Taking the car apart is a bit extreme, but well done, is it back together again now Shocked or are you coming to Rockingham lightless Very Happy Taking the light units completely out could put them out of alignment.

Its a dammed good way of cleaning behind the headlights after offroading though. Have you found out how the compressor comes out yet, that would be very useful Wink

hi guys I have changed mine loads of times as I go Over to Holland 2/3 times a year and have always done mine with lights in the car I first asked my local guys how to change them and once they showed me the lever via a small mirror it was easy, now have a sport and they work the same aswell
Post #18114254th May 2017 11:14 pm
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United Kingdom 2012 Discovery 4 3.0 SDV6 HSE Auto Santorini BlackDiscovery 4

Ha I still take my lights out to change (now got a D4)very quick to do!
No way I can manage with my hands and leaving the lights in position 😂
 D4 HSE Santorini Black with Almond Arabica hide & Walnut trim

Discovery 3 TDV6 SE
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Post #183755616th Jul 2017 9:20 pm
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Thank you for top information!!

I needed this actually Smile

best regards from germany, Köln

Kaan Smile
Post #184596210th Aug 2017 1:55 pm
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