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Looking at buying a caravan... or maybe large tent.
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I pull a 640 Vanmaster and it's about as automatic at setting up as it can be. The E&P levelling system is deployed on arrival and we're stepping in a level van within 2 minutes. The satellite dish is locked on to a satellite within a minute too. Just have to plug in the lecky and water and my executive flat is ready to live in. I enjoy the towing experience and have never had a problem in almost 30 years of doing it. I can place the van where I want with the car or do it on the movers if I feel I need to.
I haven't always had the Vanmaster having had a 1968 Sprite Alpine followed by a Swift Challenger 495. We stopped for a year and realised we missed it too much so bought a tiny little Compass 12'er which we sold for more the week later after holidaying in Devon. We moved on to a Carlite. It was over 20 years old and everything worked a treat including the movers. Lastly we moved up to a Swift Conqueror 645 which was fine for a couple of years but developed a crease in the sidewall (Which Swift were happy to fix) but I wanted something to last me my caravanning life. Hence the Vanmaster. This will see me through the next 20 years of caravanning without too much effort. All the caravans I listed were quicker to set up and a heck of a lot warmer and more comfortable than a tent. Including the Sprite! They all kept me warm even in snow. They were all easy to tow, especially with a D3/4. I can still cook outside if I want. I can stand up which doesn't sound much until you can't.
I remember being in Venice and being caught in a sudden storm which was crazy wild! We just got back to our van as the heavens opened and the rain was HUGE! The tents which were pitched around us were completely flattened by the storm and the tenters were reduced to sitting in their cars watching the storm for the next 3 hours. All their possessions were soaked and the beds and sleeping bags were laying in what had become a small river. I sat in my cozy van and remained dry and comfortable throughout. You can keep your being close to nature, I'll drag my flat all over the place on the back of my D4 without any problems and always be comfortable at the other end. I am a caravanner not a tenter. Each to his own.
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