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Puzzling suspension fault
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psycho inside

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Puzzling suspension fault

This one is puzzling me....!

I had to do a hard reset yesterday, because of a stereo fault, and since then, keep getting a 'suspension fault, normal height only' message on dash.

Borrowed my mates fault reader (snap on) this morning, went through and cleared all codes.

The bit that is puzzling me is, I switch the ignition on, and after a few minutes the fault will flash up, BUT, if after switching on ignition, but before the fault comes up, I raise into offroad height, and down into access, then back to normal, the fault message does not come on.

Any of you experienced D3 owners have any ideas, or experienced this themselves?
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Mine is exactly the same. Raising the suspension then lowering back to normal as soon as I start it up seems to prevent the fault occurring. Likewise if I leave the car on Access Height and raise to Normal after startup. The fault only occurs if I start the car and leave it to sort itself out! It's like the suspension needs a helping hand.

Local Indy reckons I need a new compressor (having already replaced the air reservoir just in case it was leaking)
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