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Trip to South of France Recommendations Please
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We stopped overnight at Ashford IIRC... Short trip to Dover for an early ferry. Not a tintenter so not sure if it's as easy but i then grabbed 40 winks on the boat and was good for a full day's drive afterwards.
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Post #191515015th Feb 2018 10:32 pm
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I have wanted to stay here since we rented a small house in Contis about 7 years ago. We passed it lots while there and it looks like a great place. Maybe check some reviews out though. Always books up very early in the year too.

Contis plage is in les landes, a stunningly beautiful part of France. It's a bit further than Bordeax and Biaritz is about the same distance past Contis. It's even possible to drive into Spain and visit San Sebastian from here.

We drove down from London when our son was about 3 in a Beemer estate. Journey time on French side was about 10 hours iirc. No problem for any of us and will be more comfortable in the Disco.

Gets very hot here, so I would get a forest pitch for the shade. Make sure you have your EHIC cards. Our son fell and bumped his head on a gate stop and we still had to pay to see a local Dr even with our EHICs. I think they're useful though if you need a hospital, god willing you don't of course, but if you did you could do without a bill too.
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Post #191528716th Feb 2018 12:36 pm
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We stayed in a fabulous site a couple of years back called 'Les Alicourts' , it's not right down in the South but was the nicest place we've been in France with brilliant facilities for the kids.

If it's of interest book direct through their website as far cheaper than booking via Eurocamp etc which add a hefty premium.
Post #191529416th Feb 2018 12:54 pm
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Re: Trip to South of France Recommendations Please

GFOS31 wrote:
Hello, I am after some recommendations. We are planning on going to the South of France with the D4 and Caravan the first 2 weeks in July. We will have our 2 year old Daughter with us. We are thinking of crossing Dover-Calais, can anyone recommend any good sites in the South of France. Also advise on how long to travel down and any possible stop overs on the way as well as good routes. Is there anything extra that I need to take to stay within French laws. Thanks in advance.

Hi GFOS31,

Not sure if a bit late to answer this, but we have been many times to South of France, and onward to South of Spain, towing our large 4 wheel caravan.

We always use Dover Dunkirk for our ferry crossing.
We always without fail go by A25, A1, A10, A71, A75

You can pay to o over Millau, or take the old road through the town, then remember to camp at "Camping Sud" in Millau.


I have a list of camping sites if your still heading that way.
We were going for 3 months, so time was irrelevant.

Post #191617818th Feb 2018 7:59 pm
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Hi Great, thanks for the information.
We have now booked the sites fore the trip down and back,
We are planning on doing this annually so if you do have the information on the site you have used etc that would be great.
Thanks again for coming back to me,
Post #191628019th Feb 2018 8:02 am
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