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Puma Gauges Controller

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Puma Gauges Controller
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Call us on +44 (0)1295 533848 or email shop@fnltd.co.uk if you need any more information.

This controller converts the hard-wired signals present on pre-Puma Defenders into the CAN bus messages and control signals needed to correctly and fully operate the Puma (Tdci) Defender’s gauge cluster – whether installed as part of an entire Puma dashboard or a custom build with just the gauges. 

Compatible with gauge clusters from both 2.4 and 2.2 Defenders.

Supported by the controller now are the Td5, 300 Tdi, 200 Tdi and Rover V8 engine (14CUX, Carbs, GEMS and Motronic) with further engine support to come. If you have an engine or installation that is currently unsupported we do have the ability to customise a controller for you so please contact us.

Please note that the Tdi and Rover V8 engine options (except V8 Motronic) require that your alternator has a W terminal fitted. If in any doubt please contact us for help.

Loom/Wiring Options

There are five wiring options:

1. Td5 type (H.501)

This loom connects to a Td5-type bulkhead loom and allows the Puma gauges to plug in. The loom fits to the two black warning light panel connectors and the large grey instruments connector, then to the controller and the gauges/instrument pack. This makes the conversion truly plug-and-play. This Td5 type loom is also suitable for non-Td5 RoW (rest of world) specification Defenders which used the Td5 type LED warning lights panel and electronic speedometer.

Notes about this loom
  • If your Td5 engined Defender does not have the white with grey stripe coloured wire in pin 14 of the grey connector then you can buy wiring kit W.551 to add this.
  • Tdi engined vehicles will require fitment of a rev counter signal wire from the alternator to the large grey connector - you can buy wiring kit W.552 to add this.
2. Pre-Td5 type (H.502)

This loom connects to the Tdi (and earlier) type bulkhead wiring loom. It fits to the two white warning light panel connectors, the individual warning light terminals and the terminals for the original gauges. It then connects to the controller and the Puma gauges/instrument pack. 

Notes for this loom:
  • Please note to use the Puma gauges in a pre-Td5 Defender you must fit the Td5 speedo transducer YBE100530 which is NOT included with this loom but may be purchased separately by clicking here. Wiring kit W.541 may also be used to install the transducer signal connection if required.
  • A signal wire must be brought from the alternator to this loom. Wiring kit W.542 can be used to install this wire.
3. Inline Puma-type adapter loom (H.551)

This loomsFor those using a Puma bulkhead loom (either retrofit or factory-fitted) we offer an adapter loom to add the controller. Simply remove the 32 pin pfrom the gauges, plug onto the adapter loom, then plug the new gauges connector in. he required warning light and signal wires (oil pressure, alternator warning, rev counter, coolant signal/sensor, glow plug, etc) and fit the controller.

Similar to the two looms above, a speedo transducer and Wiring kit W.541 are required on pre-Td5 Defenders.

4. Controller plug and pins (H.590)

This option contains ONLY the matching connector for the controller, plus loose terminals to crimp to your own wires. Also included are 4 loose terminals for the 32 pin Puma gauge connector to make the required connections there. An installation guide/wiring diagram is included for completing the wiring.

5. Controller plug and wires (H.580)

This option is similar to the above, but the terminals are crimped onto colour-coded wire and pre-installed in the controller connector. An installation guide/wiring diagram is included for completing the wiring.

If choosing one of the two plug only options, any additional connectors you might need are available by clicking here.

Once you have ordered we will contact you to ask a few questions about your engine/installation and which gauges you are using as there are a few variations which must be configured in the controller for you.

If you have any questions regarding which controller you require for your engine, about the gauges please do not hesitate to contact us and ask.

For this product the "Standard" shipping option at the checkout is fully insured and tracked, you do not need to select "Tracked" to add tracking/insurance.

Our controllers and looms are proudly MADE IN THE UNITED KINGDOM

Operated by Futuranet Ltd. Registered in England and Wales No. 04017852.